Private Photo is a perfect app to protect your private pics from being obvious, running very smoothly with high image quality.

* Provide perfect security for your private photos
* Provide a decoy account to dissemble, if you need
* Work great with high-speed response, high image quality and simple operations
* Provide photo map recording where photos were taken

Passwords are needed to access private pics. If you are forced to open this app in some case, the decoy account is a good way to cover your real private pics. Entering the password special for decoy, different from the normal password, guides app to display pics in decoy database. To prevent being cracked violently, app would be locked for 30 minutes automatically after entering wrong passwords continuously for 6 times.

Private Photo is familiar and easy to use, because of its similar interface and operations with iPhone Album. Importing from iPhone Album and exporting to it flexibly make two apps merged into one but playing different roles. Private Photo provide you an option to email pics in two useful modes: single with full resolution or multiple with small resolution.

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