With “Mobile Athan Program”, depending on which country and city you are in, you have the advantage to know when the athan times are and even you can be reminded by an original “call to azan melody” at the exact athan time.

Demo version of the program is free and can be used permanently.

The “Mobile Athan Program” is available in 105 countries and about 2000 cities.What you need to do is to choose the country and city you are in from the settings menu. If you are in a country or city which is not at the list, you can learn the athan time by entering the coordinates of where you are into the program.

During your travels, you can easily learn the athan time and you can be reminded by an azan melody by reentering the country,city and local timing settings in the program.

The other properties of Athan Program can be defined as:

# You can learn the athan times in a day depending on which country and city you are.

# Contains the list of Religious Days, the upcoming religious day will be displayed on your screen.

# The direction of Mecca-Sun is calculated through North

# Qibla time is calculating. There is a time when facing the sun gives you Qibla direction.

# You can add custom location for Athan Times for non-listed locations, latitude and longitude information along with the time zone must be entered in order to determine your location.

# The program alerts you with original azan melody or different mobile melodies or with vibration when it is time for the athan.

# The melody of the program is “The Athan of Mecca”

# You can choose the times of athan that you want to be alerted. (only morning, midafternoon,..etc)

# By clicking “Start automatically”, you can start the application automatically.

# The program works only on the mobile phone which it’s downloaded.

# All the functions of your mobile phone is available during the program is in progress.

# The athan times can be sent to your friends via sms.

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