FlipSilent makes you use your nokia phone in a more natural way:
When you are in a meeting or dating,and a call is coming in,you can flip over your phone buy cialis soft online to make it go into the silent profile and hang up the phone call or mute the ringer.without touching anything on the phone,just flip it over,your phone will go into silence!Also,you can flip over your phone into silence when the alarm goes off,by either snooze or stop the alarm.

How to use

1, Flip over the phone to hangup or mute an incoming call!
2, Flip over to snooze or stop the alarm!
3, More power save,Stop the sensor ASAP!
4, Full control of switching profiles,both flip over and flip back!
5, Auto Start with phone boots!

Please sign this app before installing with certificate & key of your mobile to avoid certificate error.

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